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About Random Video Chat

A Video Chat Website with Five Different Kinds of Video Chat!

You already have Chatroulette, Skype, Whatsapp and many different video chat room sites. Each one is different, each one offers a different type of service, wether it be fun or for communication with friends, family or colleagues. With Chatroulette you can simply visit the site and start chatting with strangers on cam, that’s simple and fun. With Skype and Whatsapp, you are required to download a software program or app, register your phone number and verify your identity and email address before being allowed to use the service.

Now how about being able to use all those services from one place without installing an app, without downloading software and without registration? That is why this website came to be. Random Video Chat offers four different types of free video chat catering for every possible communication requirement.  No fancy graphics, no app to install taking up your storage space, no bloated software that constantly updates every day and no registration. It is a no frills website packed with amazing features that anyone can use completely free and unlike the big social networks, we don’t ask for any of your personal data.

Another great thing about our website is that it is browser based, does not require flash and runs on almost any device, desktop, tablet and mobile. We do, however, recommend that you use Chrome browser and always make sure your browser is up to date.


Five Types of Free Video Chat Services

Random Video Chat

Our flagship video chat service that is very similar to Chatroulette. Connect with random strangers from around the world and chat live one to one through webcams. If you don’t like the person, hit the next button to chat with someone else. It is that simple!

Group Video Chat Room

Chat with people from all over the world live on cam. With no registration, people from anywhere on any device can join the group chat room and enjoy meeting new people and making friends online.

Private Group Video Chat

You get a personal link that you can send to whoever you want to chat with. The people who you send the link to can join the chat room simply by clicking the link. This is ideal if you want to have a conference with a group of people that you already know.

Private One to One Video Chat

The same system as Random Video Chat, however, the other person in the chat can only join through a unique link you send to them. Just like Skype without installing software or creating an account.

Public File Sharing

A unique way to share files with colleagues, friends, family and strangers. Share files with anyone in the group or invite people to share files with you. You can also chat one to one with anyone from the group live on video chat, text or audio chat.


No Fancy Images, Logos or Themes

If a website has all the functions you need, why overload it with bandwidth eating fancy images, logos or slow loading theme. You should be able to enjoy a website without waiting for the crap to load up! Yes it’s not pretty but it will load fast, save your bandwidth and function just as it should. To many websites and services are built for commercial self promotion and that is not what it should be about. It should all be about the functions of the service offered and the user experience as a priority. That is what you can expect here and if you find the video chat services offered useful then that should be the only thing that matters.


Disclaimer / Warning

Please note that none of our chat services are moderated. You must be 18 years of age or over to use any of our chat services. We are not responsible for any damages caused by using our chat services.

Please use common sense when chatting with strangers. Never arrange to meet anyone outside of the chat. If you are harassed, abused or threatened by a chatter, close your browser and only use our chat services to talk with people who you already know.

If you see anything that you think should not be allowed within our services you can report it here and we will take action against the IP of the offender and if necessary, report it to the correct authorities.

We cannot guarantee that our chat services will function on all devices. We recommend Chrome browser on both desktop and Android devices.